A Call to the Ancestors

birds-eye of Lincoln Memorial Cemetery
Carl-Philippe Juste - Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

A Call to the Ancestors: Rising Tides; Shifting Ground; and Displaced Bodies, will be on display at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex from September 15, 2023 until November 5, 2023.

We have gathered photographs, documents, poems, songs, art pieces, that collectively narrate the story of an institution, Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, whose history reflects both local impulses and national—and global—dynamics: the disenfranchised will continue to endure the most profound impacts of natural (and human) disasters. And yet, A Call to Ancestors does not end with the story of loss and displacement in the era of melting ice caps, willful neglect and systemic racism. Rather, it brings the public to an appreciation and understanding of the ways in which all cultures—with an emphasis on Haitian, Central and South American, Caribbean, Native American and African American—mark the transition from this life to death, however they conceive of it.  It is precisely this commitment to practice and belief and hope that this project brings into relief. This duality forces us to reckon with the injustice while bearing witness to the beauty of cultural/religious practices so often lost in mainstream conceptions of community resilience. A Call to Ancestors reminds audiences of the beauty of transition rituals that have the power to reconcile and heal.

A Call to the Ancestors Digital Archive