I am Little Haiti

Little Haiti neighborhood photo

Little Haiti in Transition: Race, Risk, Resilience will result in a series of linked events/multi-vocal art pieces that seek to capture the beauty and depth of the Little Haiti neighborhoods and communities. In particular, this project will result in a series of public events at the IPC ArtSpace and a series of interviews/videos, visual storytelling; short stories, poetry, and ultimately a book replete with academic and community analysis and voices. It will culminate with an exhibition I am Little Haiti that will open at Greenspace in 2024.

This series—part of a larger concept Here and There, where community voices are activated in a dialectical manner: they are insiders looking out and too outsiders looking in. This dynamic allows for outsiders to look in and insiders to look out, all the while building sustained conversation about the dynamics of race, risk and resilience in Greater Miami. In this instance, the focus is on Little Haiti. Little Haiti in Transition: Race, Risk, Resilience includes storytelling events and activates creative energy across disciplines and media, including: photography; videography; paint & ceramics; music, creative written expression and spoken word. Each of the five chapters will investigate from a multiplicity of points of view the transformative impact of global warming, shelter and food security, and gentrification, to name a few, on their communities and on perceptions of community. Rather than approach these questions as outsiders looking into a community space, this project—a collaboration with award-winning photo journalist and IPC Collective leader, Carl Juste—will include the ability to approach these questions also from the inside looking out. The project, in each of its components will involve engaging with the question: how do we deconstruct our humanity/how do we collectively become better residents/neighbors in times of ongoing crisis and transition through all these art forms