Place and Purpose: Art Transformation in Coconut Grove

Goombay Festival painting
Pamela Kabuya Bowens-Saffo, Goombay Goombay, Giclee print, edition 2 of 30, 2020 (from a 1986 gouache)

For decades, Coconut Grove has attracted artists, writers, and musicians. The Frost has chosen to tell a story of a moment in the Grove’s rich history through a select group of visual artists. The creative life of the Grove sprang from the vibrant people who chose to create in this Miami neighborhood. It is not a single artist or group of artists but the spirit of a community that has contributed to the Grove’s reputation as a wellspring of creativity.

This exhibition celebrated the role of a community as a creative space as well as a key driver behind a young city’s evolution. This Year 1 exhibit embodied the thematic of the award by providing a unique artistic prospective of the changes the Miami Coconut Grove has experienced over the years.

In conjunction with the exhibition Place and Purpose: Art Transformation in Coconut Grove, the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum presents an oral history project that was conducted over several months with different members of the Coconut Grove community.